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Unibook Digital Store is the sum content about your business and services.You can create your menu and get online orders through your store. It will help you to spread your business with thousands of potential clients and will also give a boost to your marketing efforts, and help you to build and broaden your Customer base.

Differentiate your business from the crowd

Showcase your services, portfolios, qualification, awards and your skillset to inform your client about your business. It is designed to make a powerful impact and a good first impression on potential clients resulting in more orders

Start selling online & reach broader audience

Share your business profile through messaging apps & digital channels within your circle as well as to newer potential clients and broaden up your customer base.

Improved customer trust & confidence

Get rated and reviewed by your client for your services. This makes your business look trustworthy and build social proof resulting in more probability of purchase from new customers visiting your profile.

Built in Chat Functionality

Manage your Clients and Orders

Unibook is organized around clients. All information & communication related to the client orders will get stored in respective chats. Now, complete, cancel, or confirm orders all from the chat window.

Receive and Create orders

It is an one stop destination for all your clients and orders . All your leads and orders when booked through Unibook Store will get stored in the Order management section of that client . Also you can manually add orders for offline leads.

Manage orders and communicate

Our new and unique client management system will help you to communicate with your client in an easy and reliable manner. Efficiently manage your orders with different statuses viz enquiry, confirmed, completed & cancelled.

Reliable and Secured data

100% Reliable & Secure data You don't have to worry about losing information related to clients & orders. Now, all information related to the client will get stored which you can refer to in future also.

Inbuilt Templates

Send Invoices, Quotations & more

We have equipped our users with digital templates which they can share on the go with their clients and these are very easy to use as well. Unibook is equipped with both GST and non-GST templates for your business. You can use Unibook's standard templates or can customize them as per your business needs.

Below is the list of templates currently available on Unibook and we are working to add more templates as per your needs

Invoice (with & without GST)

Use Invoice when you want to bill your client without requiring them to sign a contract. When your client receives an Invoice, they'll be able to review the line items & prices and can seamlessly make online payment through payment link shared with invoice.

Quotation (with & without GST)

A Quotation is an invoice estimate and a contract combined into one file. When your client receives a quotation, they'll be able to review the proposed services, accept the document and make online payment.

Contracts and Agreements

When you require a signature from your client, without needing to send a list of proposed services or collect payment. Contract allow you to spell out your terms and conditions. Your client can review and sign the contract right through our platform before the project can proceed.

100% Safe and Secure

Safe and secure payment gateway

You can create and send payment links to your clients to receive payments. Unibook has integrated safe and secure payment gateway which is PCI DSS L1 compliant. It enables you to receive payments through payment links and process online refunds to your clients

We at Unibook offer multiple options to your clients to pay online like:

Debit Card

Credit Card


Net banking

Mobile Wallets

Corporate Cards

Free reminders

Automated Notifications and Reminders

Keep yourself updated about the latest activity on your orders through notifications. That will help you quickly decide and execute your next action related to the order.

In case the client has missed to take action in response to your communication like payment delays, not responding to files sent by you; then send inbuilt reminders for faster return & quick response. Reminders are sent to your clients in the client portal and a text will also be sent on their mobile phone.

Repeat Business and referrals

Free client portal for real time updates

Unibook client portal can be easily accessed through a web browser. It provides Unibook users a secure storage space to let them share the important documents or information with their clients. You can chat, share files and information regarding your ongoing orders with the client via client portal. Client portal provides a simple and effective two-way Communication channel to both client and the service provider.

Improved Communication

Your client can communicate with you as our client portal comes with fully equipped chat functionality. They can react to quotation, invoice & contracts, shortlist items from your portfolio and can make online payment through payment links.

Shared Finance Management

Unibook client portal benefits include increased customer satisfaction, improved communication, the removal of costly non-value adding data entry and thus stronger cash flow. Portal will help your customers access and update relevant information quickly and efficiently.

Build long-lasting relationship

Your clients can add you as favourite to book your services again and can share your profile within their contacts. Your Clients can now rate & review your services which will help you in getting more repeat and referral business.

Digital ledger

Receive payments and track your finances

Keep track of your business transactions & also send reminders to clients in case of late payments. Every transaction happening through Unibook will automatically get updated, you can also add all offline transactions related to your orders.

Add offline transactions

You can now add all your income and expenses to keep track of your financial transactions which helps you to analyze your business performance.

Download your finance reports

Keep yourself away from last minute hassles of referring to khaatabook and missing invoices to reconcile your financials. You can now download your finance reports in multiple formats suited to your needs.

Receive, Refund & Schedule payment

Create payment links to receive & schedule payments with your clients. We have also provided refund feature in case of cancellation. You can also share reminders in case of non-payment.

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