About us

Unibook has been started with a mission to change the lives of the service professionals by making things easier for them. Unibook’s vision is to leverage technology and is bringing a simple, productive and prosperous life for everyone. We make sure that running a business is so easy on the Unibook platform that the service professionals have to only focus on their core expertise which is to provide superior service to the clients.

We started in the wake of Covid-19 by a strong management-experience team who have worked in the service industry and have seen the struggle first-hand which is to start and run a small business. Physical distancing, reduction of non-essential operations, and limited contact are fundamental in protecting human health—and raise fundamental challenges about how these professionals can continue to reach customers and meet their expectations. We stepped in and tried to provide tools, processes, measures and a new expectation for both service professionals and the client. All of this resulted in the digital scale up of the Service industry professionals for the new normal and the birth of Unibook on August 12, 2020.

A service professional can make his/her digital identity and a reliable professional summary of the work which in turn results in getting huge traffic and more projects, Business Management tools to effectively manage the business from lead management, project management to team management resulting in overall efficiency and peace of mind, Client Relationship Management tool for an efficient and professional way of handling client requirements and expectations thereby eradicating the chances of manual error and ambiguity which results in superior service, and the most important part is to be a part of a professional network to collaborate with the like minded professionals on a project or to learn from the them for better service delivery or extra income. All of this included and available on your finger tips. One book for all, Unibook.

Our values find coherence in our day to day lives and we are strong advocators of Innovation, Customer Obsession, Simplicity, Collaboration, Ownership and Productivity. We are always open for a cup of coffee if you resonate with our values and mission, and are open to discuss and include your feedback to make everyone’s life simple, productive and prosperous.